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You would never, ever allow your child to cross the road without looking for traffic, would you? Well, you need to take the same type of precautions when they are surfing online. In fact, internet safety is much, much more important than offline safety. The bruises your kids suffer in the real world can be cured with bandages. But chat dangers, cyber bullying, etc inflict serious emotional scars.

Sonal Kadam

Founder – www.wisenetizen.com

WiseNetizen founder Sonal Pawar (Kadam) realized this when she saw her nephew spending so much time online – and alone – like many kids his age nowadays. She figured out that internet safety was critical for such children. Even parents are shockingly un-aware about internet safety tools and resources – and a large number of parents need internet safety education on a priority basis. Therefore, we are here to help you understand key concepts such as –

• Child internet safety

• eSafety, in general

• Safe surfing strategies to protect yourself and your kids from cyber bullies, cyber crimes, etc

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What is a Wise Netizen?

A netizen is a citizen of the Internet. And a wise one knows how to protect himself or herself from the dangers that lurk in every e-nook and cranny.

How Can www.wisenetizen.com  Help You?

Wise Netizen is a non-profitable initiative. At WiseNetizen, you will see a large variety of tools to help your tween and yourself.

For example -

1) Interactive online safety quizzes: Test your knowledge on different topics like Using social media wisely,Cyberbullying, etc.

2) Downloads: Download and print information to read offline and share with friends and family.

3) Videos: Educate yourself and your child by watching our collection of eSafety videos for teens and pre-teens

4) Polls: Participate in our monthly polls and see opinions given by other parents.

5) The Parent Page: Here, parents really enjoy themselves. You can come here to –

• Read informative articles on different topics like: Online safety training, Chat dangers and so on.

• Share these articles with your friends

• Read comments by other parents

• Write your own comments and participate in lively online discussions

• Download resources

6) Ask the Experts.

7) Subscribe to our newsletter.

If you would like to contribute to our website, please fill in the form on Contact Us page or send an email to support@wisenetizen.com

Also if you would like to make a donation for this initiative, please write to us at support@wisenetizen.com. Thanks!

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